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Its been a while…

I have not been posting due to not making time to post.

I was considering saying that I have not been posting due to work, or due to my parents leaving me their house after moving, but no, it is seriously due to me not making time for the most part. I believe that most things that we don’t “get to” do in life is because we don’t make time for it. For instance, last week a woman at my church said that she “had time for dinner” and quickly changed it to “made time for dinner” due to a similar philosophy.

I would often complain about the things that I did not have the time to do; one thing in particular was pacticing playing the keyboard. I would often talk about how I “wanted” to play it but either did not have time, or I did not feel like setting it up, or I did not want it to get in the way of messing with my chores. If I was done with my chores and I did not mind getting it out, then it was that I did not want to have to set it up for (or have to stop playing for) my brother who would have wanted to play on seeing me play. Then it would lead to that argument that I could either tell him no (which he would not have liked) or I would have to wait until most people are asleep to play it. Because of the conflicting schedules of one person in the house getting home from work around 11:20pm and the other needing to leave the house at 7:30am to get to work, I only had so many hours of sleep that I could get without looking like a jerk.

These excuses sound legit until you realize that this same person would spend hours in chat rooms and looking at internet photos into the dead of night knowing that she had a test tomorrow.


Yeah, I think I might go play the keyboard now.

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