05 Feb

Well, I don’t know.

As a Christian, how often do you think about God?

Many of us pray daily, some more than once per day. But in the conversations do we ever dare to take more than a fleeting glance at the one that we claim that we are talking to? I mean, think about it; we are talking about the creator of the universe! One who exists out side of our understanding of time, space, size; even our concept of existing cannot fully comprehend His omnipresence, omnipotence, or any other word that denotes greatness and power.

I want you to realize just how small you are compared to the ultimate, not because I have a desire for believer to beat themselves up due to their travesty of God, nor am I here to condemn; I am still pressing with the rest of y’all. But it is an amazing thing when your mind is renewed to remember the vastness of your Creator. When that happens and its real, you will find that a lot of the things that would normally have you bogged down don’t matter. Granted, it takes work to cultivate and maintain this mindset; but, the benefits are magnified when you realize that this One, the One who has all power and knowledge to be able to destroy you, loves you. Yep, He does; and its beautiful.

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