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Society and Earrings 2

I am willing to say that the original Society and Earrings post had a misspelling in the title. I also realize that it was a rant when i was more or less under a yoke of bondage. Ok, I was under a yoke of bondage, which really damaged my perception or right and wrong wondering why society (at the time I would conflate society and the church) was not doing what was needed to protect young women.

Now, the post looks like its just a post on regarding modesty at an understandable level, but what the readers may not understand is that in order to uphold this standard of modesty I would often wear layers upon layers of ill fitting clothing. I wore leather jackets in 90 degree weather in high school. granted, I am very cold natured in the winter, but I never realized that my being tired when it was hot was possibly heat stress. in college, I started dressing like, well, a 20 something year old professional, the occasional skirt and dress at my knees, shapely clothing, waist belts, I even had a deacon thank me for dressing like I was my age (now, this deacon has known me all of my life and actually kinda cares about me as a person, he saw it coming out of my shell.) sometime in college i slippes back into the rut and looked at those pictures and thought Egad! What was I wearing!


Was I wearing (girl) shorts?


Was I wearing bathing suits.


Was I showing cleavage?

Didn’t really have any to show

Was I wearing spaghetti strapped shirts.

not without layering

Was I wearing clothing that showed my body shape?


And more importantly

Was I not described as “not allowed to do anything”

Nope, I knew high school students who had more liberty than me

I thought that it was my job, my responsibility and reasonable service to “tempt not the brethren.” But not only was that misquoted, but it was seriously taken out of context. I had heard from one side of the camp that I need to cover up to not get negative attention, and from the other, that it really didn’t matter if I wore a potato sack, if a man wanted me he would see me through it. Granted, I knew that I could check out guys (yes, unfortunately I would do so in passing) regardless of what they wore, but if the latter statement were true, then very few viable suitors saw and wanted me. This was my thought until somewhat recently.

I was looking throughout my closet and thought that I had too many cute clothing and was searching for something ugly to wear. I chose a sleeveless black dress a black shrug and this big black shawl/vest thingy to ensure a shapeless silhouette. I felt sufficient, Surely I will be noticed by no one today!

At the time I had been talking to my man crush for several months, and I get at text after church that looks something like this:

You looked nice today ūüôā

Now, he complements me somewhat regularly, but he doesn’t complement everything that I wear (and honestly I don’t expect it). With that, I knew his comment was sincere. I was almost mad that I failed at my mission of “tempt not the brethren”, ¬†but amused that I got a complement on a day where I was trying to make sure that I wouldn’t get any. I was amused that the other side of the camp was right. God gave us liberty to be able to enjoy the things he permits us to have in this world, not to stress over whether or not we are doing it right.

With that in mind, I now look in my closet and think:

I don’t have enough cute stuff.

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Well, I went to credit school today and it reminded me of the title of this post. What is credit school you say? Credit School is what happens at my place of employment when you do not get the sufficient number of credit card applications during the month. You are required to attend or else you will get written up, which, from what I hear, is bad.

Now they hold credit school at 8:00 am on Saturdays because, for the general population, Saturday mornings are a day for sleeping in whether just to rest, or to recuperate from the night before. However, for me, it is almost more of an incentive not to get the applications.  You see, I like credit school; I like seeing coworkers from random departments come together because, well, its almost like being in school again. As for it being held on a Saturday morning, God touches me with His kindness and mercy before that time, so honestly, it gives me something to do for about 30 minutes to an hour once a month.

Now, do I believe that is it impossible to get all of the credit applications that I need in a month? Honestly, no. There are several people who average anywhere from 8 to 12 per month, one lady even would give her’s away until management said told her to stop. So with that, Why don’t I feel the need to get the credit apps?¬†First of all, I do not like asking people if they have a credit card with us, because I usually say no when other stores ask, let alone someone telling me no. I am also a thrift store shopper, so spending 105 dollars on a dress that I can get for 99 cents because someone donated it, doesn’t make sense.¬†Also, I got my first, and only, credit card when I was 25 only because I had no credit and I wanted to build credit in case I got married; otherwise, I wouldn’t have one in my possession. So with that, I don’t “believe in” credit cards, or credit card pandering, especially since there is no real consequence for it.

I didn’t realize it until I left, but we were sent an email with the manes of people who were not required to go to credit school. The thing that I noticed about said list is that the list or people who did not get their credit card applications was so large that it was that much easier to sent the list of those who were not required to attend. When I got into the class, I saw that there were a lot of people, I mean, some standing in the halls waiting for chairs to get sat down. There were new employees, there were old timers, there were probably even a few pacesetters (people who sell a lot) to in part, it made me feel a bit more comfortable. The issue is that the sight reminded me of the wide path of destruction.

You see, I don’t mind credit school because I like not having to ask every customer about credit cards; because at the end of the day, I am still employed. Just like the young adult doesn’t mind hangovers because they like being able to to party and escape into drunkenness; because at the end of the day, they can say they had a good time. Like the the woman who doesn’t mind having or risking getting STDs, because she likes the feeling of sex because at then end of the day, it was totally worth it. Like the husband who doesn’t mind having a disinterested wife, or curses on his children, because he enjoys sexual encounters with other women; because at the end of the day, he’s still been married for 30 years, with well behaved children. Now when I mention all of these people, please understand that I am not envisioning people of the world, not the case at all, I am imagining the one who is ushering at the door of the sanctuary, I am imagining the one who preached that wonderful sermon that you didn’t pay attention to last week, I am imagining the one who you drop of your children to every Sunday, and finally the one in the choir stand waiving their hand.

But lets say my place of employment decides to revamp the system and say that they will only keep those who consistently get applications, that would put me in a troubling situation. It would be like if the young adult got brain damage. It would be like if the woman’s body started breaking down because of her escapades. It would be like the husband’s wife and children behaving in public as he did in secret. Not fun.

Now, The Bible says in Philippians 2:15¬†that we are supposed to be “blameless and harmless” as well as “without rebuke” to the rest of the world, but from what I feel has been revealed to me, he is referring to spiritual things (see¬†Philippians 2:14-16)

I guess the moral or the story is that we need to do better.

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The Activist

A woman died and was facing judgment. She was an animal rights activist and a professed Christian. As she knew that her judgement would begin, she reflected fondly on her years of working at animal shelters, reporting animals in less than ideal living situations and adopting quite a few herself; she believed that she was going to get in based on those wonderful deeds. So she waited patiently and confidently until it was her turn.

When she was called into the judgment hall, she spent a good three earth years talking about her wonderful acts of activism, reporting dogs in locked cars, rescuing mothers from puppy mills and every heart warming story that she could ponder. After she was finished, The judge asked her:

“Have you confessed with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believed you your heart that God raised him from the dead?”


The judge repeated,”Have you confessed with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believed you your heart that God raised him from the dead?”

The woman pondered and said, “Um… yes I believe that I have”

“Good, good.” the judge said as he wrote. “Have you learned how to love?”

“Of course! why else would I have done what I did! I was a wonderful steward over God’s creation!”

“Did you learn how to love your brothers?”

“I didn’t have any brothers, just sisters”

The judge shook his head, sighed and said “Did you love your neighbor as yourself?”

“Oh! Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t really like my neighbors, but yeah, I believe that I did”

“Would you have done the same thing for them that you would have done for the animals?”

She looked puzzled at the question, “What?… Why?”

“Would you have done the same thing for them that you would have done for the animals? Answer the question.”

“If I thought they needed it, then yeah, probably ¬†I mean animals are helpless, humans are not.”

“Some humans are, as you define it, ‘helpless’ but it doesn’t mean that those that are not helpless do not need help.”

“I don’t see what that has to do with anything, I’m a good loving person”

“Yes, That is likely true, but only towards animals. According to the book, you walked this earth loving the things in creation, but hating the very image of God”

“How is that possible? I loved crosses and angels and stuff like that, I decorated with them all the time!”

“You didn’t love your brothers and sisters in the faith who were created in the image of God, and thus, it was impossible for you to love God.”

At that moment, all of the things in her life that she had done for the betterment of the life on animals were forgotten, and all of the things that she had done to the determent of her brother were recalled: the people she called evil, others that she discouraged. Even those who she knew were doing wrong towards others, but, because they shared the same affinity for animals, she refused to admonish them. She heard a few words and, at last, she felt the ground fall beneath her feet.

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