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Lmhqo. Its been over a year!

I have not posted on here in a minute, I haven’t even written anything that I just have sitting in draft either. But even with that, a lot has happened! (Praise God)

A romantic fling that I was having with an acquaintance is over. (Not sure how we are still friends at this point)

I made a coworker rage quit due to truth and a call to do the research. (Because safespace?)

I had to realize that I am a terrible person (but now I have hope in Jesus instead of thinking its a death ssentance; which is sad that I didn’t understand this before)

I found out that I was walking hard in the spirit of rebellion (and thought that I was being humble when I was doing it!)

But this would not have happened if I would not have listened to the unction to move…

…out of my parents house.

That is something that took a lot of prayer, fasting, patience and grace. Praise God for real.

I have learned so much more about the creator of the universe and His plan and desire for humanity then I would have while renting that house from them. Sometimes “come out from among them” and “be yet separate” has to apply to family, friends and people that you either like, or are otherwise accustomed to seeing. Stepping away from situations (or removing yourself from the equation in general) and being alone with God in his word helps a lot (understatement)

This makes me feel like sabbaticals are a must for people who don’t live alone. In fact, ┬áits even biblical; Jesus would leave the crowd and go alone sometimes himself (if I am recalling correctly.)

So, yeah, take a break from this world and rest in God, your soul will thank you.

Lmhqo, by the way, is laugh my hind quarters off.

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