Awkward Sex Series Part Three: Asexuals get no love

03 Jul

One thing that does not get the recognition that it deserves is the freedom to be asexual. Many times this orientation gets lumped in to the LBGTQ community when it is really unrelated. Asexuality is when a person is not aroused by anything. Some people who choose to abstain are of this orientation, many of them have tried heterosexual and homosexual acts, but they don’t get anything out of it. they feel more comfortably after opting out of the sex game altogether rather than trying to force themselves into one orientation or another. some of the ones who say that Abstaining is easy may very well be of this orientation.

Stories of people who lose their desire to have sex, are filled with friends trying to set them up on dates and do things to “fix” them, as well as people assuming that they are homosexual. This shows that there may be some hostility towards those who do not fit in with society’s norm that we are all “sexually attracted to something.”  there are cases of people who are married and decide that they no longer want to have sex with their spouse. The “normal” thing to think is that the spouse who doesn’t desire sexual activity is evidently getting their sexual supply elsewhere, but who is to say that they weren’t sexually active based on societal or relational pressures.

One statistic that stood out to me is that is is reported that one percent or the population is asexual. Man times I have seen that same statistic for the homosexual population. This leads me to wonder how many homosexuals are Asexuals who were encouraged to believe that they had to be attracted to someone.

Til God hits the reset button

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