Awkward Sex Series Part Two: Effects of Celibacy

03 Jul

In the last post, I mentioned that there were not as many resources out there that talk about why abstaining from sex would be beneficial. but nonetheless they exist.

These include:

A lower likely hood of physical abuse, drug use, and excessive drinking and a higher likelihood of better mental health*. People who abstain also had a Lowered risk and instance of STIs, and lower risk of pregnancy (meaning lower risk of abortion, lower risk of body changes and body image issues associated with pregnancy. Many people reported that they enjoyed the ability to live as they please and not being distracted from their life goals

However, there were many sources of information that discussed negative outcomes, such as compromised immune system, depressive symptoms and lower sexual satisfaction.

However, there is one symptom that was constantly used as a negative symptom that is actually quite neutral.

Losing the desire to have sex.

When it comes to the negative effects of abstaining they seem to be present in those would would like to have sex, but cannot (some form of sexual frustration ensuing, I assume). However, this one seems like it would be a great encouragement to those who desire to live a celibate life, but their body craves the opposite.

Either way, this is probably the only page That one may ever find that is dedicated to people who choose, for one reason or another, to remain abstinent. Sadly, it looks like no one has been active on the page for a while, but it is a well spring of information for those who desire to, or have a loved one who has decided to, live a celibate lifestyle.

Happy reading.






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