The Activist

A woman died and was facing judgment. She was an animal rights activist and a professed Christian. As she knew that her judgement would begin, she reflected fondly on her years of working at animal shelters, reporting animals in less than ideal living situations and adopting quite a few herself; she believed that she was going to get in based on those wonderful deeds. So she waited patiently and confidently until it was her turn.

When she was called into the judgment hall, she spent a good three earth years talking about her wonderful acts of activism, reporting dogs in locked cars, rescuing mothers from puppy mills and every heart warming story that she could ponder. After she was finished, The judge asked her:

“Have you confessed with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believed you your heart that God raised him from the dead?”


The judge repeated,”Have you confessed with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believed you your heart that God raised him from the dead?”

The woman pondered and said, “Um… yes I believe that I have”

“Good, good.” the judge said as he wrote. “Have you learned how to love?”

“Of course! why else would I have done what I did! I was a wonderful steward over God’s creation!”

“Did you learn how to love your brothers?”

“I didn’t have any brothers, just sisters”

The judge shook his head, sighed and said “Did you love your neighbor as yourself?”

“Oh! Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t really like my neighbors, but yeah, I believe that I did”

“Would you have done the same thing for them that you would have done for the animals?”

She looked puzzled at the question, “What?… Why?”

“Would you have done the same thing for them that you would have done for the animals? Answer the question.”

“If I thought they needed it, then yeah, probably  I mean animals are helpless, humans are not.”

“Some humans are, as you define it, ‘helpless’ but it doesn’t mean that those that are not helpless do not need help.”

“I don’t see what that has to do with anything, I’m a good loving person”

“Yes, That is likely true, but only towards animals. According to the book, you walked this earth loving the things in creation, but hating the very image of God”

“How is that possible? I loved crosses and angels and stuff like that, I decorated with them all the time!”

“You didn’t love your brothers and sisters in the faith who were created in the image of God, and thus, it was impossible for you to love God.”

At that moment, all of the things in her life that she had done for the betterment of the life on animals were forgotten, and all of the things that she had done to the determent of her brother were recalled: the people she called evil, others that she discouraged. Even those who she knew were doing wrong towards others, but, because they shared the same affinity for animals, she refused to admonish them. She heard a few words and, at last, she felt the ground fall beneath her feet.

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Thoughts 2

Recall my Thoughts post. well I do and I feel like I am living out some of its words. When I say this, one phrase in particular comes to mind

“Granted, it takes work to cultivate and maintain this mindset…”

The word in particular that I am dealing with is maintain. I am not saying that striving to obtain a mind that is able to recognize the vastness of God is always the easiest (I desire a way to say that better), but that the maintenance is not suited for the faint at heart. With that, let me admonish you to put on the mind of Christ daily, and to continue to cultivate works that will be considered worthy in the day of judgment.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not
Blessings people.
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Well, I don’t know.

As a Christian, how often do you think about God?

Many of us pray daily, some more than once per day. But in the conversations do we ever dare to take more than a fleeting glance at the one that we claim that we are talking to? I mean, think about it; we are talking about the creator of the universe! One who exists out side of our understanding of time, space, size; even our concept of existing cannot fully comprehend His omnipresence, omnipotence, or any other word that denotes greatness and power.

I want you to realize just how small you are compared to the ultimate, not because I have a desire for believer to beat themselves up due to their travesty of God, nor am I here to condemn; I am still pressing with the rest of y’all. But it is an amazing thing when your mind is renewed to remember the vastness of your Creator. When that happens and its real, you will find that a lot of the things that would normally have you bogged down don’t matter. Granted, it takes work to cultivate and maintain this mindset; but, the benefits are magnified when you realize that this One, the One who has all power and knowledge to be able to destroy you, loves you. Yep, He does; and its beautiful.

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Its been a while…

I have not been posting due to not making time to post.

I was considering saying that I have not been posting due to work, or due to my parents leaving me their house after moving, but no, it is seriously due to me not making time for the most part. I believe that most things that we don’t “get to” do in life is because we don’t make time for it. For instance, last week a woman at my church said that she “had time for dinner” and quickly changed it to “made time for dinner” due to a similar philosophy.

I would often complain about the things that I did not have the time to do; one thing in particular was pacticing playing the keyboard. I would often talk about how I “wanted” to play it but either did not have time, or I did not feel like setting it up, or I did not want it to get in the way of messing with my chores. If I was done with my chores and I did not mind getting it out, then it was that I did not want to have to set it up for (or have to stop playing for) my brother who would have wanted to play on seeing me play. Then it would lead to that argument that I could either tell him no (which he would not have liked) or I would have to wait until most people are asleep to play it. Because of the conflicting schedules of one person in the house getting home from work around 11:20pm and the other needing to leave the house at 7:30am to get to work, I only had so many hours of sleep that I could get without looking like a jerk.

These excuses sound legit until you realize that this same person would spend hours in chat rooms and looking at internet photos into the dead of night knowing that she had a test tomorrow.


Yeah, I think I might go play the keyboard now.

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I have noticed that this nation may have begun to go into a moral decline; however, this does not stop parents from wanting to protect their children. While many have noticed that children’s fashion has gotten more racy as time has gone by but there is no greater culprit than…

The hoop earring.

You read that correctly; the hoop earring. There is nothing more menacing, more scandalous than the sight of a child wearing such an adult article of clothing: in fact, using two search engines, the author found more photos of adults wearing hoop earrings than children (after searching child/girl wearing hoop earrings.) This is something that I have encountered not only in person, but in the media as well (via “Everybody hates Chris.”)

As a former sheltered child, this causes me to mentally tell them, who hath beguiled you? I wore hoop earrings throughout my childhood, and I can assure you that the little attraction that I was able to foster was not due to my “incessant use of hoop earrings” I could wear the hugest hoops that my ears could carry, or the smallest that my ears could condone, and still, not a single soul would hit on me.

you know who would get hit on?

The girls who wore (girl) shorts.

The girls who wore bathing suits.

The girls who could show cleavage.

The girls who could wear spaghetti strapped shirts to school.

The girls who wore clothing that showed their body shape (whether they were “shapely” or not)

And more importantly

The girls who were not described as “not allowed to do anything”

Now, I understand that most people (I would hope) are looking to raise virtuous young women from their darling little girls, as well as teach them that appearance is not everything (e.g. 1 Peter 3:1-6). But at the same time, thinking that you are doing a favor by causing them to abstain from hoop earrings is like telling me (at thirteen) that I can’t wear a head band because it makes me look like I am trying to look like I am trying to get a predator on my tail. This is one of the sadder traditions that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. there are better things that we could do to protect female children other than putting them in a figurative (or litteral chastity belt)

Details at 11.

Society and Earrings

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So my God cousin posts two different statuses about how he is missing the men who have passed on in his life (his grandfather is in hospice at the moment with a bleak report) While I am one to say, “when the doctor says no, what does God say?” his statuses actually made me think about something.

I have, for a long time believed that when people pass on, in many cases, it may be because God knows that the people here on earth may not grow in the was that He desires (among other things). With that, he named people who were a part of my life as well; a list that could cause me to cry as well, if I were so inclined.

I understand the hurt that is caused by losing a pawpaw: believe me that I do. But we are still here on this earth; we are the ones who sat under their teachings, received their gifts, love and occasional harassment. We remember the sound advice, or outlandish statements that helped us to admire and relate to them (or sometimes not relate to them). In any case, they helped us to feel comfortable and loved when, in many cases, we could not feel that level acceptance from anyone else. We may not have known everything about them, how they made the best (insert noun here), how they got so good at (insert verb here), or why they had no interest in (noun-or-verb-goes-here) but we know that we had a connection that we still tend to feel after they are gone.

So, since we are still here, what are we going to do with all of the things that we have learned? I fear that sometimes if we look at how people are going on and growing older, we will abdicate our responsibility as the youngest adults. We are the grandma’s and grandpas of the next generation, whether we can see it or not, and it seems fitting that in respect to those who have passed on and that have poured into us, that we insure that we give honor where honor is due. Live the legacy that they saw in you, live it to the glory of God, That the teaching of those before us would not be in vain.

Here is my unsolicited reply to your statuses, may you find it and not be offended by it.

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The war of distraction: And why we’re losing

Here ya go.

all our lemmony things

As I write this I’m distracted.

I’m distracted because this is the world I live in. This is what I’m used to.

At the bottom of the page I see a blinking Facebook notification. I keep looking down at it until I’m tempted to see who it is or what they said. I guess it’s THAT important.


I’m distracted just like the two kids in front of me in the lounge of this YMCA who have coloring books spread out on their laps but their hands work vigorously at a small game console. Headphones keep out the sounds of the other children in the pool behind them. We meet eyes briefly before they go back to their game and I go back to this white screen…with that darn blinking Facebook icon again.


I’m distracted because there’s a TV hanging from the corner of the room and they’re talking about the…

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